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Sexy Mystica by pant
by pant

Hello again! As I've done with the Witchblade sketch, this one is also getting my feedback. Where to begin, well in the comments, one p...

WitchTblade by pant
by pant

I haven't done a critique in a while, but this is one I can't pass up. Ok , for the most part you really nailed it on her hair texture ...

Guardian Angel by shinjyu
by shinjyu

Very Lovely work you've done ! Her hair texture is the first thing I noted, the shading is decent and it looks like it's reflecting the...

SM: Distant Dreams by JutaWi
by JutaWi

Well, I can honestly say you put a lot o' effort into this drawing. This is my first critique, so here goes. I like the way you did the...


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Starfire Character study - Karla ver. 1 by tomytieneblas74
Starfire Character study - Karla ver. 1
Ok it's official, I'm a tad obsessed with a character that showed up in a few panels of a snippet as shown here .
This is a rough character sketch of Karla, a beachgoer from the Starfire Vol. 2 #3 comic scene titled "Everything Must Eat" , where, in sudden twist of irony, becomes an unfortunate victim to an underground monster just as she was sunbathing. So, after assessing that she and her companion should've been included in the story more, I drew up a character study in her honor. The colored version is right here.…
Starfire comic Character - Karla version 2 Colored by tomytieneblas74
Starfire comic Character - Karla version 2 Colored
The colored version of my second posted drawing of Karla.…
On this colored version, I sorta tampered with the environment a little and rearranged her belongings (her smartphone, sunblock, and her flip flops ) than they were shown in the comic panel.
I was also considering expanding the story of these side characters like a fanfic of sorts before their deaths in "Everything Must Eat" so I'm gonna start it off here.

Karla stomped back from the beach waters and sat down on the towel she and her friend Brian, who foolishly ventured into the water to surf the rushing waves after Hurricane Betty, had laid out on to watch the waves together from a safer distance during their unwinding visit to Smathers Beach .
"Idiot, how am I supposed to get home if you get sucked by a current and drown at sea?" Karla grumbled quietly both concern and annoyance while gripping her hands around her smooth knees. The two of them just dodged a bullet with having to shack up at the shelter after nearly getting caught in the storms hazardous winds. The beachgoing female tilted her head back to look at the cloudy skies of the Conch Nation in the Keys , only seagulls and a bright gleaming sun shone the tropical heavens.Despite the fact that a life threatening storm just hit the area, Karla couldn't shake the feeling that something else is closing in.
"Maybe I should take it easy a little bit, either way, my chances of survival are better on land than drowning." Karla thought to herself as she made herself comfortable on her towel;squeezing a handful of sunscreen into the palm of her hand before applying it to her slender, lithe back as she lies flat on her stomach and starts undoing the knots of her bikini top.
With a relaxed sigh and the sound of the ocean waves calming her mind , Karla proceeds to soak up a few rays....
Starfire Comic Character - Karla version. 2 by tomytieneblas74
Starfire Comic Character - Karla version. 2
I think using this character as a practice muse is paying off. Here's my latest drawing of Karla, this time relaxing on the beach, just glancing at her companion Brian surf and tumble on the waves even after warning him that the hurricane's residuals still remain. Still she keeps an eye for a moment before her attack from below...(Starfire # 3 "Everything Must Eat")
Starfire Character study Karla ver 1. Colored by tomytieneblas74
Starfire Character study Karla ver 1. Colored
The colored version of this sketch…

After experimenting with a colored pencil set, I figured out how to get her skin tone to a slight degree. In my mind I thought it would be a bit of a challenge, but then again improvisation is one of my finer talents.
On to Karla here; for her full view, to me she came out looking a bit muscular as I didn't wanna draw her too scrawny, but at the same time a little fit for a bikini-clad tourist . Her hair was a little tricky as I've never drawn a female character with a volumized style before and the shading wasn't my strongest suit also this may be too little too late, but I kinda gave her a pose that didn't quite harmonize. All in all, it's a start. I'll see if I can come up with another character study or something else with her friend, Brian.
Sorry about my really long absence, I wasn't .... I dunno. Anyways, I'm looking for new ideas for any future projects and so on.


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Tomás "Tom" Molina
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 119
DOB: March 15th, 1991
Age: 25
Birthplace: Barranquilla, Colombia .
Has been follwing art since I was14-15 years old. An average dabbler and dreamer, hopes to be a pioneer graphic illustrator from Latino America

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